Whoah, have you ever wanted to OWN some DATA?  Well GOOD NEWS, friend!

This super rad ebook costs $2.99 and you can get it for Kindle and also in the ePub format that works on iPads, Nooks, and Kobos and pretty much everything else too.  All versions are DRM-free.  It is the perfect gift for anyone who likes jokes!  And reading!  And writing!  And time travel?  And… Book Marty??


  1. The complete text of my review of Steven Spielberg Presents: Back To The Future: A Robert Zemeckis Film: The Novel by George Gipe based on a screenplay by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale!  I wrote it over eight months!
  2. Pictures!  They’re not animated though because your ereader hardware probably can’t do that, and also because it made the file so huge that Amazon and Lulu were all “Pfft.  Yeah RIGHT.  Nobody could ever make a book 100MB big.  Nice try, crazy man!!
  3. Jokes!!
  4. Wow my book is actually longer than Gipe’s book that we’re reviewing, what the heck happened here

Things NOT included:

  1. The weekend updates (you know, the ones that mostly link to other people’s paintings and stuff!).  There main reason is ETHICS: while I can justify including screen captures and excerpts of the book and movie we’re reviewing in a book that I (IN THEORY) sell for (LARGELY THEORETICAL) profits, I can’t justify including other people’s tangential stuff in the same way.  So it is PURE, UNCUT, FREEBASED REVIEW!!

It’s a pretty awesome ebook if I do say so myself and if you liked this blog you’ll like reading it again in a more convenient format, I’m pretty sure!!

Thank you for reading (AND MAYBE BUYING??) the book we wrote together, everyone.  As I said earlier, writing this was awesome.  You are awesome.  Let’s be awesome… TOGETHER.

(through commerce i mean) 


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