2014 Community Look Back: Underwater Shark Photography, Documenting the Global Water Crisis and Sitting Beachside in Spain

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This week we are looking back at some of the inspiring stories we’ve featured in 2014 from around the Instagram community. Today’s spotlight is on shark photographer Michael Muller (@michaelmuller7), photojournalist Balazs Gardi (@balazsgardi) and Spanish Instagrammer Fernando Muller (@nanduss).

Michael explained in our #HowIShoot series the secrets to staying calm and photographing sharks in their native habitats.

Photographing in the “cradle of mankind” in the northwestern tip of Kenya, Balazs shared images on the effects of the unfolding water crisis across Africa and the Middle East.

Spanish Instagrammer Fernando Muller captured a quintessential European summer beach scene from Nerja, Spain that was selected for The Week on Instagram in July.


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