LILAC / DEEP GREEN / HONEY color study . these theme of my posts today is studying the color schemes of plants + flowers . this photo set is all about spring vibrations . the nourishment, the pops of nature’s dreams awakening from the winter; the vibrancy of resins, honeys, essences what flows beneath .

pictures :

1. self heal 2. lilac blossom water (haha this is my most popular post to date 3o,ooo+ notes!) c.2010 3. bugleweed, roses, mullein, lilac c.2013 4. echinacea flowers, black eye susans, fleebane from my garden c.2013 5. good4youherbals creations c.2010 6. wild lettuce, roses, red clover, spearmint, sage, oregano, violet leaf, red raspberry leaf from my garden c.2012 7. dandelion leaf, mugwort, roses, honeysuckle c.2012 8.cleavers tincture c.2014 .


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