☽ :::Dream Work::: 

Here is have my current bedside set up for some serious dream work. The Crystal and Herb combo I have going on here aids in Astral traveling, lucid dreaming, divination, clairvoyance, connecting to higher realms, and receiving messages from guides and spirits. It is a heavy duty layout so I suggest you use this recipe with caution.(It has already given me some pretty vivid emotionally charged dreams that I remember every second of.) FYI: I only list the pertinent functions of the stones and herbs that directly benefit the Dream Work I wish to accomplish, not an entire comprehensive list of all their attributes. 



Blue ObsidianBest protective stone to use during astral travel. Prevents any parasites from attaching to your Aura.

Herkimar DiamondPowerful Astral Travel aid. Raises you to the highest spiritual vibration while remaining in a physical body. Mega amplifier for other stones.

CavanasiteAids in remembering information gathered from spiritual journeys. Allows for clear communication from the spirit world.

MoldaviteBalances Spiritual energy and grounding Physical energy. Allows the user to comprehend messages from the spirit world, not just hear them. Allows the ability to control dreams and lucid dream. Used to ease the pain of “home sickness” for souls who’s origins are not of Earth. Super conductor for energy. (Use with caution)

Black MoonstoneDramatically improves concentration, protective grounding energy, stimulates pineal gland function, encourages new cycles of healthy energy growth. Develops our intuition and spiritual awareness. 

Blue KyanitePoints you in the right direction when lost or unsure of what path to take. Used to access forgotten childhood memories and dream memories. Never needs to be “cleared” of negative energies (Does not include energy imprints) and clears stones used around/with them. Amplifies the programming of other crystals paired with them.

LabradoriteStone of magic. Spirit Fire. Amplifies all magic and energy. Stone of spiritual journeys. Rejuvenates and protects the Aura. 

Sedona Rock – Stone from one of the highest vibrational places on Earth. Vortex/Portal stone. Energy amplifier. 


Rosemary – Protects from nightmares and unwanted ‘spiritual’ visitors. Aids in retaining what happened in dreams and past lives.

Mugwort – Moon energy. Blessings from Artemis. Dream recall, increases vividness of dreams. (Use with caution, causes those kind of dreams that are so real and intense that you wake up feeling like you need a full night of sleep again.)

Chamomile – Protection, ability to understand meanings of dreams, gives courage to transform frightening dreams and control our dreams.

Lavender – Attracts spirits, soothes the ride of astral travel, aids in deep sleep and helps relax enough to achieve dream work and magic. 

Harm none, help when you can. 


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