🌛 :: Moon Time :: 🌜

So, it’s no secret that being on your moon is an unpleasant part of womanhood. However, there are things we can do to sooth the aches that come with this “blessing”.

History time: In Native American culture, especially the Sioux Indians, getting your first Moon was celebrated through out the entire tribe. It was very much believed that women on their moons, especially their first moon, were extremely powerful during that time. During a girl’s first Moon, she was taken to a special hut where her time there was shared with the Shaman and was considered very sacred. Her power would be so feared in the tribe, other members and especially men, would not dare look her in the eyes to avoid having their energy drained. She was coached by the shaman and focused on her energy and healing abilities during this stay. When her Moon cycle passed, she emerged from the hut and was greeted by the tribe and then she was celebrated.

So my fellow Goddess… during your moon should be a time you take care of yourself and focus on you. It is also a great amplifier for meditation and magic. Practice your divination! Meditate with Argonite, Malachite, Unakite, and Moonstone to focus your goddess energy, learn to channel it. Place the crystals on your sacral chakra and take deep calming breaths. Connect to nature and feel the all the good loving energy the Earth is waiting to provide to you!

🌿 ::Tea to soothe Moon aches:: 🌿

💦Per cup of boiling water-

🍃Raspberry Leaves: 1 Tsp
🍂Red Clover leaves: 1 Tsp
🌾Peppermint: 1 Tsp
🌱Ginger root: Optional

Raspberry and Clover leaves have been used to reduce period symptoms for as long as there have been women, pretty much. Both herbs reduce cramping and shorten the length of your moon time by strengthening your uterus. They are also bursting with nutrition which your beautiful body desperately needs during your moon when blood is lost. They are high in magnesium, potassium, iron, and B-Vitamins, perfect for countering what you lose during your period. Peppermint is my period cramp secret weapon- it’s delicious and soothes tummy aches like no bodies business! Ginger also has the same affect and is perfect for ladies who get nauseous during their moon time.

🛀 I would also take a bath mixed with Epsom salts- they relax muscles and make your skin beautiful and soft. Meditate with the crystals recommended earlier in the tub with you. Relax. Put on a face mask. This time is /all/ about you.

And if anyone annoys you during this time of self love and spiritual reflection…
Destroy them! 💃




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