(via farmacia naturala: volumul si frumusetea bustului-tratamente naturiste(breast augmentation and beauty – natural treatments))

Many women want to change the size or shape of their

The most common way is breast augmentation plastic surgery,
but it has many disadvantages, high cost, risk of infection, pain related to
any operation.So it is not recommended to resort to plastic surgery for
breast only as a last resort.There are many other natural methods instead which can be
used to increase, breast reduction, to change shape, to increase breast
firmness, etc.These natural methods have side effects and generally have
significantly lower costs.Why resort to dangerous beauty means when nature gives you
the means to achieve your ideal: the largest and most beautiful breasts?Licorice root has a very intense action on the breast.It is particularly women with a structure,, dry as
“than normal body weight.Helps weight gain, strongly stimulates the increase in
breast size.Licorice is contraindicated in cases of cysts, fibroids,
fibroadenoma,  cancer …. read more … http://www.farmacianaturala.com/sfaturi%20pentru%20boli/bolile%20femeilor/volumul%20si%20frumusetea%20bustului.html


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