(via acneea-tratamente naturiste-acne-natural treatments)

Acne is definitely a disease of puberty and is partially
linked to a dysfunctional kidney.

Therefore to avoid spicy and salty foods, salads too
acidified and fizzy drinks.

Salads should be prepared with yogurt.

Internal use.

For acne treatment daily drink 1 liter of nettle tea
(brewed), slowly, spread over the whole day.

External use.

Will be used in the form of fresh juice (poultices),
decoction or infusion of these herbs: burdock, chicory, beans, ash, calendula,
hops, juniper, turnip, tomato, poplar, leeks, pansy, earwig, cabbage .

Best results are obtained with yeast … read more … http://www.farmacianaturala.com/sfaturi%20pentru%20boli/acneea.html


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