Wore my new @myprotein leggings for leg day yesterday! In love with them 😍

🔸10 minute treadmill warm up
🔸10 minute treadmill Fartlek training
🔸(Mobility stretches)
🔸Leg press 12 reps, 4 sets
🔸Single leg press 6 reps, 3 sets
🔸Squats (just the bar) 15 reps 2 warm up sets
🔸Squats (weighted) 6 reps, 3 sets
🔸Barbell stiff leg deadlifts 6 reps, 4 sets
🔸Weighted walking lunges (until failure)
🔸TRX Sumo squat jumps (2 minutes)

Then I did a bit of upper body work just to work on my chin ups, stretched and DONE! let me know if you’d like me to post more of my workouts! #fitness #fitfam #health #lifting #girlswholift #fuelyourambition #myprotein #gym


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