Challenging the Food Status Quo with #foodrevolutionday

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Seven years ago, Prachi Grover (@orangekitchens) quit her corporate job in India to pursue her passion for food full time. “It was actually becoming a parent that changed my life,” says Prachi. “You become responsible for the well-being of these little bodies with their big warm hearts.”

Now a food consultant and writer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Prachi frequently enlists help from her six-year-old daughter — who she refers to as her “little chefling” — in experimenting with recipes.

“We bond. We laugh. We eat. We mess up. We tidy up,” Prachi says. “The questions that she asks, the mistakes she makes and the mess she makes … all of this and more will hopefully help her make the right decisions with respect to food when she grows up.”

Prachi is also a Super Ambassador for Jamie Oliver’s (@jamieoliver) Food Revolution community, where she is a passionate advocate for educating children about food, so they can learn the basic skills they need to lead healthier lives for themselves and their families. This week, she visited one of the largest schools in Dubai to talk to young students about healthy eating, in celebration of Food Revolution Day on May 15.

“All of us invest all our energies towards inspiring the love for real food in kids, so that they grow up to be happy and healthy adults,” she says. “It’s about passing recipes from one generation to another, about passing the love for food and family to our children.”


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