alcoholism-natural treatments by Constantin Simion Via Flickr: Acute Alcoholism is caused by ingesting a short time a large amount of alcohol (200-600 ml in 4-8 hours in case of a medium resistant to this drug). Remedy: 150-200 ml decoction 3-4 times daily between meals, sweetened with honey, the wolf’s claw, pansy, dandelion leaves, birch leaves, […]

tonsillitis-natural treatments by Constantin Simion Via Flickr: Tonsillitis is an infection or inflammation of the tonsils. Tonsils are masses of lymphatic tissue located on both sides of the neck, above and behind the language, part of the body’s immune system. The most common acute tonsillitis is quite trivial, but causing violent pain in swallowing, high […]

anemia-natural treatments by Constantin Simion Via Flickr: Characteristic signs of a child, teenager or adult anemic are pale face, general weakness, fatigue, headache, loss of appetite, poor digestion, cold and sometimes wet hands. If patients with anemia, is characteristic decrease below the normal number of red blood cells and hemoglobin. The patient is well to […]

anxiety (anguish)-natural treatments by Constantin Simion Via Flickr: Fear is a broad term and is therefore better to somehow differentiate emotions in the same category: phobia, anxiety, anguish. Fear is an emotion caused by the awareness of a real or imagined danger. It is normal emotional reaction of the body exposed to real threats. A […]

apoplexy-natural treatments by Constantin Simion Via Flickr: Cerebral congestion or apoplexy is a condition that causes acute intracranial bleeding and blockage in the blood supply to the brain. Any interruption of blood flow to certain parts of the brain can cause irreversible destruction of tissue in question. In many patients stroke causes impairment of locomotor […]

osteoarthritis-natural treatments by Constantin Simion Via Flickr: Osteoarthritis is a condition in which the cartilage deteriorates and becomes softer and thinner. This process can take place with regard to the joints neck, back, knees, hips, fingers, hands and feet. It is a chronic rheumatic disease, evolving slow but progressive. It is the most common and […]

asthma-natural treatments by Constantin Simion Via Flickr: Asthma, is a disease that is manifested clinically by a feeling of lack of air, difficult and prolonged exhalation. Disease pathology may be allergic in nature, neurogenic or infectious. During normal breathing air flow freely into and out of the lungs. When asthma is not controlled, the airways […]

burdock-herb by Constantin Simion Via Flickr: Burdock grows near the houses and stables, near roads and heaps of garbage, debris etc. on across the country. Body plant used: root and leaves of burdock. Harvest time: the roots are harvested in March-April spring plants of 2 years and from October to November plants a year. Burdock […]

yarrow-herb by Constantin Simion Via Flickr: Spread medicinal plant: meets the meadows, glades, edges of woods, edges of road and railways, sandy soil relatively moist, sunny or shady, for the plain until the hillside. Body plant used: blossoms, the aerial plant. Harvest time: medicinal herb can be harvested during the flowering period from June to […]