alcoholism-natural treatments by Constantin Simion

Via Flickr:

Acute Alcoholism is caused by ingesting a short time a large amount of alcohol (200-600 ml in 4-8 hours in case of a medium resistant to this drug).
Remedy: 150-200 ml decoction 3-4 times daily between meals, sweetened with honey, the wolf’s claw, pansy, dandelion leaves, birch leaves, parsley and bean pods in equal parts.
Peppermint oil and juniper oil each 5 to 15 drops of each in warm water for 2-3 weeks.
Clay, charcoal, apple vinegar, soup bran, soak rice, yeast and propolis mixed in equal parts 1-2 weeks.
Chronic alcoholism is the result of daily alcohol consumption.
Alcoholic drunk the first glass of alcohol and remain so after the next 10-20 glasses.
Treatment consists in the gradual reduction of alcohol consumption to cancellation.
For this purpose progressively replaces the first day 1-20, 2-20 in the day, 3-20 on the third day and so on in the preferred daily dose of the alcohol with water or medicinal tea flavor, so that in the 20th day, the alcoholic drink only tea .<a href=“ pentru boli/alcoolismul.html” rel=“nofollow”>… read more …</a>


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