anemia-natural treatments by Constantin Simion

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Characteristic signs of a child, teenager or adult anemic are pale face, general weakness, fatigue, headache, loss of appetite, poor digestion, cold and sometimes wet hands.
If patients with anemia, is characteristic decrease below the normal number of red blood cells and hemoglobin.
The patient is well to rest as much as possible, make walks in the fresh air if possible to stay a while in high mountain environment, because blood is quickly renews mountain atmosphere.
We recommend an easily digestible food, rich in vitamins, with many raw fruits to bring the body iron, vitamins, minerals it needs.
It is best to drink herbal tea blend, fresh milk, fruit juice, a glass of red wine and a meal after a glass of beer.
Every morning on an empty stomach to eat 1-2 apples sweetened with honey races.
At breakfast given a raw egg yolk, fish that have put a few drops of brandy and mix well two or three pieces of liver fried over high heat on both sides, but the means to remain almost cruel.
Then dandelion salad with boiled potatoes bark or leaves early spinach salad <a href=“ pentru boli/Anemia.html” rel=“nofollow”> … read more …</a>


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