apoplexy-natural treatments by Constantin Simion

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Cerebral congestion or apoplexy is a condition that causes acute intracranial bleeding and blockage in the blood supply to the brain.
Any interruption of blood flow to certain parts of the brain can cause irreversible destruction of tissue in question.
In many patients stroke causes impairment of locomotor system or mental functions based, while most of the other victims disease can cause death.
There is the possibility of an apoplexy, feeling particularly serious circulatory disorder when headaches occur suddenly, grow stronger in intensity pain, dizzy, vomiting and paralysis of body parts.
In the case of a stroke can also be about breaking a dish, vascular spasm or blood clots in the brain.
Seizure occurs due to an acute increase in blood pressure, usually after a nervous tension.
To treat this disease should be started first with a course of mistletoe.
Drink daily for 6 weeks 3 cups for 3 weeks and 2 cups for 2 weeks each 1 cup of tea mistletoe <a href=“http://www.farmacianaturala.com/sfaturi pentru boli/apoplexia.html” rel=“nofollow”>… read more …</a>


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