tonsillitis-natural treatments by Constantin Simion

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Tonsillitis is an infection or inflammation of the tonsils.
Tonsils are masses of lymphatic tissue located on both sides of the neck, above and behind the language, part of the body’s immune system.
The most common acute tonsillitis is quite trivial, but causing violent pain in swallowing, high temperature, a headache and muscular.
If tonsillitis (acute or chronic pultacee) appear: difficulty swallowing, sore throat, fever and neck palpation, lateral neck lymph nodes are swollen or painful.
There can be serious complications, nephritis or rheumatism.
You must first combated painful swelling of the lymph nodes.
For this I recommend you apply poultices.
This disease can be treated with a concentrated decoction of marshmallow root.
From the root 20g placed in 200 ml of cold water can prepare a decoction, boil for ten minutes, they gargle.
All this good can help gargle with chamomile, sage, common bennet, fennel, hay, (taken three times a day).
Another treatment for tonsillitis is cold clay poultices with the external applied especially in the evening <a href=“ pentru boli/amigdalita.html” rel=“nofollow”> … read more …</a>


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