yarrow-herb by Constantin Simion

Via Flickr:

Spread medicinal plant: meets the meadows, glades, edges of woods, edges of road and railways, sandy soil relatively moist, sunny or shady, for the plain until the hillside.
Body plant used: blossoms, the aerial plant.
Harvest time: medicinal herb can be harvested during the flowering period from June to September.
Yarrow – natural treatments
Internal use: for internal use yarrow is used to stimulate appetite, anorexia treatment, treat bronchitis, cough, rhinitis, allergic rhinosinusitis, in allergies, as a sedative, to treat biliary colic in treating biliary dyskinesia to bloating (flatulence) in the treatment of cystitis, to regulate menstruation and pain of removing them, in metroanexitis, ascardiozei healing, for treating gastric and duodenal cancer treatment of pelvic organs in strokes, diseases of the eye, bleeding nose against in osteoporosis and to treat stomach bleeding <a href=“http://www.farmacianaturala.com/coada soricelului/coada soricelului.html” rel=“nofollow”>… read more …</a>


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