hops herb by Constantin Simion Via Flickr: Herbaceous plant with stems, tender, leafy lot like those of vine, cultivated for the brewing industry. From hop cones are used (inflorescence) Flora females. The hops grow through meadows, groves, in the plains and hills up to an altitude of 800-1000 m. Green hop cones are collected by […]

Ivy-herb by Constantin Simion Via Flickr: The place where the plant meets:the plant is found on limestone soils rich in humus in the forests of oak, beech, wood, groves on rocks, hills starting up in the mountains. Body plant used:since the plant is used only lobed leaves. Harvest time:the plant can be harvested throughout the […]

horseradish herb by Constantin Simion Via Flickr: This herb is used for its root in most households in the preparation of pickles and as a spice. But horseradish leaves have a wide range of use in folk medicine. Do not forget that one of the most popular meats, crenwurstii (wiener), have their name in horseradish […]