horseradish herb by Constantin Simion

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This herb is used for its root in most households in the preparation of pickles and as a spice.
But horseradish leaves have a wide range of use in folk medicine.
Do not forget that one of the most popular meats, crenwurstii (wiener), have their name in horseradish (CREN) mainly because they were served spice still over a hundred years ago horseradish root race was over it was no sugar, salt and vinegar.
Horseradish grows especially in gardens around the house.
Of course, the main man is a cultivated plant but is also found in the wild accidental in nature, near wet ditches, creeks waterfront.
Horseradish leaves are flat and undulating and sometimes grow 1-1.5 meters high.
Horseradish blooms during the summer months from June to July, with white flowers, with four petals that give off a strong odor.
Horseradish-natural treatments
Horseradish root, used breed in small quantities has a strong effect on digestion, stimulating it.
It also has a strong diuretic effect which recommends horseradish root in the treatment of edema.
The high content of vitamin C helps in states of anemia, loss of appetite in combat (lack of appetite).
Since ancient times, both leaves and roots of horseradish and have found wide application in the treatment of various diseases and disorders.
Thus, fresh horseradish leaves collected shall apply on the forehead and neck combating the headaches and migraines.
In rheumatic pains in the joints are put horseradish leaves soaked in salt water on the painful area.
Very quickly disappear pain in joints.
Horseradish has a beneficial effect on digestion.
From horseradish root race is a paste that is put on a piece of cloth and apply lombosciatica painful place, and in the groin area where intestinal cramps.
For young people who suffer from specific trouble puberty, acne, apply a mask with horseradish in vinegar solution.
In cases when the nose is stuffy cold, a little horseradish root smell and feel a strong race by leading sting, then it will unclog the nose <a href=“; rel=“nofollow”>… read more …</a>


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