The First Run After The Brooklyn Half Marathon

I love the first run after a hard race. While I didn’t hit my goal time and PR this year, the Brooklyn Half Marathon is always one of my favorite races. It’s great because it’s so early in the spring that it forces you to get out of hibernation mode and start training. I’m really excited that I worked so hard to get my legs back and I’m ready to hit more races this summer.

For my first run after a race, I love to run easy without a watch and just kind of take in the sights. I am such a stickler for tracking my pace while I’m on a training plan that it’s very refreshing to just run.

I’m lucky enough to work with my friends over at Puma who gave me some new clothes and sneakers to try out while I run through Brooklyn. I love trying new shoes and I really liked the IGNITE PWCOOL sneaker (in all of the 4 miles I ran in them) because it has a wide toe box. – I like to give my toes a little room to move while I run… My toenails like it too. When I laced the up, they felt springy from the full length IGNITE foam insole. While they feel like a solid and supportive shoe, they were light weight and almost airy.

The top and bottom combo was really great. The high wasted tights went perfectly with the crop top. The top had a scoop back with textured rib. It helps keep the sweat off the skin. What’s really fun about this top is that I feel like you can wear it out. With the scoop back and short cut, you will for sure see me in this after workouts. The pants were light and airy (perfect for summer training). I’m not a big shorts fan so the ¾ tight is my best friend in the summer months. I really appreciated the hidden internal pocket to carry my keys and money (why some brands DON’T have a hidden pocket baffles me).

So what’s my next goal? I want to run more races. Maybe not race more races, but I always forget how much I love running in organized events. I love meeting new people and feeling everyone’s energy. In Prospect Park, there is a low-key 5K race series that happens every other Wednesday night. While I love distance running, I think I want to try to see what I can do in the 5K distance… I’m always up for a new challenge.

What are your summer running goals?

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of PUMA.


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