calendula herb by Constantin Simion

Via Flickr:

Calendula occupies a prominent amongst medicinal plants in Romania.
Growth: the gardens, on wastelands.
Body plant used: flowers, stems, leaves, roots.
Calendula-natural treatments
The plant is used to treat diseases such as cancer, cancerous ulcer, infectious jaundice, sores, varicose veins, phlebitis, fistulas, frostbites, burns, ulcers in the breasts, breast cancer, foot fungus, vaginal mycosis, hematoma, muscle rupture , hemangioma, swelling, abscesses and pustules, birthmarks, keratoses (old age spots), gastrointestinal diseases, cramps and stomach ulcers, inflammation of the colon, dropsy and hematuria, viral and bacterial infections, paratyphoid fever, intestinal worms, scabies , diarrhea, abnormal vision<a href=“; rel=“nofollow”>…read more…</a>

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