I feel as if we should bring the term ‘squick back’

The difference between:

SQUICK: Something that makes you at the very least uneasy

TRIGGER: Something tthat makes you have horrible flashbacks, give you anxiety/panic attacks, makes you hurt, makes you relapse if you have an addiction


“Mpreg squicks me out, I don’t understand how someone gets off on that.”

“I don’t like talking about drug addiction, it triggers me”

And something that squicks some one may full on trigger someone else & something that triggers someone may just squick someone else


“Rape is something that has happened to me, and it triggers me when I see someone being dominated as it reminds me of my experience, how about you?

“It’s squicky to me, but I’m not triggered by it tbh”

TL;DR: The term ‘squick’ should be brought back

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Also I’m really happy this blog is back ayy


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