milk thistle herb by Constantin Simion

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Milk thistle is a plant that is found in many recipes for liver disease.
In Latin it is called silybum marianum.
The active substance is silymarin.
Milk thistle is a good protector and regenerating liver, stimulates the secretion and release bile into the intestine.
Intoxictii herb is effective in food or drug, acute or chronic liver disease, gallstones.
Milk Thistle-natural treatments
Internal use:in internal use herb is used to treat beriberi and alcoholism.
External use:in external use milk thistle is used mainly to combat fatigue vocal cords, treat rheumatism, cure frostbite, allergies and for treating angina pectoris.
Milk Thistle is administered at a dose of 1 g four times a day, in the form of finely ground powder, taken 30 minutes before meals or in the form of alcoholic extract (tincture) tablets, capsules.
Tea is not recommended because boiling water degrades flavonoids in its composition, they losing their antioxidant effect <a href=“; rel=“nofollow”>… read more …</a>


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