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Wild Poppy
Wild Poppy is a herbaceous plant, grows on the roadside or in fields of grain.
It is known for its therapeutic properties since ancient times.
Poppy seeds have been used since ancient Greece to relieve pain and cigarettes in China with opium preparation.
In medical purpose, the plant was used to extract morphine, are necessary terminal diseases.
For therapeutic purposes are picked petals (called paparoane).
Poppies Garden
Poppies Garden is a herbaceous plant whose stem reaches up to 1 m tall, branching is only in its superior part.
The leaves of the stem are long petiole, the petiole short stripped middle and the upper stem are devoid of petiole.
Flowers – one on a branch – are large, white, pink or red, sometimes violet.
The fruit is a flattened ovoid capsule, covered with a cap (like a hat), upon which lies some pores, which can be shaken seeds inside.
These seeds are small, dark-gray, rich in oil and have a pleasant taste aromatic.
The plant is grown for food uses, medicinal and even ornamental.
Poppy-natural treatments
The flowers contain mucilage and especially alkaloids are able to relieve cough crises.
Use tea of poppy flowers field, for treating cases of colds, flu and bronchitis.
This tea is prepared as an infusion, a flower petals heaped teaspoon per cup (250 ml) of boiling water.
Allow up to one minute, then strain, drink warm, sweetened with honey.
In villages, combine tea with lime blossom poppy, plantain leaf and thyme narrow (one teaspoon of each herb in a quart of boiling water).
In this way it enhances the medicinal effect <a href=“http://www.farmacianaturala.com/mac/mac.html&rdquo; rel=“nofollow”>… read more…</a>


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