sour cherry herb by Constantin Simion

Via Flickr:

The sour cherry -cerasus vulgaris-tree orchard, part of the rose family (Rosaceae) commonly grown in orchards and gardens in the plains and hilly regions.
Fruits, tails and the seeds of sour cherry kernel oil, have important therapeutic uses in human medicine.
Sour cherry natural treatments
Eating fruits such as cherry, 500-1000 g every day can eliminate anemic syndrome, diarrhea combat, prevent or combat flu, gout, or if the disease already exists, can help to decrease the frequency of painful crises, eliminate, or limit inflammatory process, causing the withdrawal of toxic substances in the body humors and promotes their elimination.
Favors sweating, facilitates digestion, acts on renal epithelial increasing urine output, acts as revitalizing the old, slightly calming <a href=“; rel=“nofollow”>… read more … </a>


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