Updated Personal Training and Online Coaching Post! 

For those that don’t know, I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. I coach clients online, offer meal/workout plans, and also train clients in person. If you click on each picture, you can see which picture each client has been following, how long it took, and more! You can see even more client progress, all my packages, certifications, and reviews on my website:

Here are all the packages I currently offer: 


My Kickstart Plan is made for those just starting on their journey to health and fitness, or those that have recently started their journey, but find themselves at a plateau. It comes with 6 weeks of meals (I have male/female versions, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, and pescatarian versions), 6 weeks of gym workouts, 6 weeks of home workouts, a workout calendar, tips/tricks page and how to meal prep guide. It is uncustomized, however there are many options for individuals and you can email me at any time if you need suggestions/substitutions for something, or if you have any questions or concerns.

The current price for my Kickstart Plan is $50.

12 Week Kickstart Plan, $90: COMING SOON!


A custom plan is just as it sounds – customized to your individual needed. There are a few different options in this category.

1. Custom Calorie/Macronutrient break down + 4 Week custom workout plan, $45: I will tell you how many calories you should be eating a day for your specific goals – fat loss/weight loss, muscle gain/weight gain, or maintenance, as well as your specific macronutrient breakdown (how many carbs/fat/protein you should be eating in a day). This is NOT a specific meal plan. I would recommend this to clients who know the basics of good nutrition/how to eat clean, but wants to know the exact numbers of what they should be eating. The 4 week custom workout plan can be made for a gym or at home. I take into consideration your fitness level, any injuries, any equipment you have access to, your specific goals, etc.

2. 4 Week Custom Meal and Workout Plan, $60: This plan is for both 4 weeks of custom meals and workouts. I will calculate how many calories you should be eating and what your macronutrients should look like, and put that into a meal plan for you. This is specific meals that you should be eating, with recipes. The workout plan, again, can be made for a gym or at home. I take into consideration any allergies, food dislikes (not extreme, if you are extremely picky and refuse to eat anything healthy, I will not work with you), fitness level, any injuries, any equipment you have access to, your specific goals, etc. You need to be able to commit to a meal plan where you have to prepare your meals in advance and grocery shop once a week. For anyone living on campus/with a dining hall meal plan/cafeteria plan – please check out my Healthy College Guide.

3. 8 Week Custom Meal and Workout Plan, $100: COMING SOON!

4. 4 Week Custom Meal Plan Only Or Workout Plan Only, $40: If you are looking for just a meal plan OR just a workout plan, this option is for you! The meal plan is based on your caloric/macronutrient needs, food allergies, and some food dislikes (I do not work with extremely picky clients. That shows me you are not ready to change and try new things.). The workout plan can be made for a gym or at home and is based on your fitness level, any injuries, any equipment you have access to, your specific goals, etc.


This plan is made for clients that are more intermediate/advanced level. It is one week of specific meals, with a grocery list, and general workout guidelines (ie. x amount of cardio, x amount of strength per day). It is very strict clean eating (note: not restrictive or low calorie) and recommended for those that are looking for fat loss and muscle gain, who already know what they are doing workout wise. It is not meant to be done one week and done – it is meant to be repeated as many weeks as possible until you no longer need to follow a plan.

The current price for my Bootcamp Plan is $20.


This is a guide designed for college students who are living in a dorm, unable to prepare their own meals/have no access to a kitchen, and/or are on a dining hall/cafeteria meal plan. It comes with a week long meal plan for your dorm/dining hall, as well as a dorm room workout plan and tips/tricks.

The current price for my Healthy College Guide is $15.


I am located in Chicagoland/the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. I currently offer in person training out of my apartment gym. I also train outside if requested. Your first in-person session is $70 and that includes a 4 week custom meal and workout plan. After that, each session is $45. There is no set time for my sessions – they range from one to two hours. I would rather not have a time constraint and be able to complete our full workout, stretch, and discuss anything you need to discuss 🙂

Please email me at with which package you would like – or let me know if you would like my suggestion on what would be best for you! I do have client forms for you to fill out before we get started, and please note that I do not work with clients under 18 years old online


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