spiny cocklebur herb by Constantin Simion

Via Flickr:

Spiny cocklebur is a common herbaceous plant as a weed, 50-90 cm high, with rich branched stems with thorns yellow, 2-3 cm, very sharp, placed at armpit of each leaf.
Parties used: is used the air, and generally leaves.
It is found mainly in the plains and hills, grows near human settlements, along roads and railways, in the uncultivated places.
Spiny cocklebur – natural treatments
It has anti-inflammatory and anticongestiv, disinfectant, healing.
Spiny cocklebur is recommended in cases of prostate adenoma (preventive and curative, including postoperative) and other inflammatory conditions of the prostate.
Herb is also used when cistopielitei, renal lithiasis (up to the size of a grain of pepper).
It is administered as a decoction (one gram per cup) to be drunk before meals half an hour, two cups per day in the first six months of cure, then each one cup a day.
The treatment lasts 6-18 months prostate ailments, and cures cistopielitei 3-5 months in lifetime maintenance in
kidney stones.
During the cure Studded avoid eating spices, sour fruits, dairy products, alcohol … read more …


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