corn herb by Constantin Simion

Via Flickr:

Grain is both well known and appreciated a natural remedy.
From corn silk is used.
Corn is widespread in the plains, up to that hill.
For natural treatments are harvested when the plant is in milk, when the stigmata (silk) are green.
They can harvest and the plant is mature but removes parts from which blackened, dried.
Corn-natural treatment
Corn is a strong diuretic and bland, slightly sedative haemostatic properties, stimulating the secretion of liver cell.
It is recommended in diseases of the urinary system (kidney stones, cystitis, nephritic colic, albuminuria), cardiorenal edema and renal induficienta, rheumatism and gout, cholecystitis and biliary dyskinesia, digestive disorders, menstrual disorders.
It is administered as infuzie- (1 teaspoon per cup) 2 cups per day, diuretic purposes; the dose may be doubled. … read more ..


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