celery herb by Constantin Simion

Via Flickr:

Celery-Apium graveolens
It is a biennial plant has solid stems, grows 50 to 100 cm high.
The plant emits a strong odor, specific and flavored.
The leaves are serrated and the small flowers are white to green.
Its leaves are used especially spherical roots.
It is a plant culture.
I like clay land, salty.
In the wild celery almost no increase.
The plant is grown in gardens about 400 years.
The Greeks and Romans worshiped herb offerings to the dead.
The plant was placed on graves.
Even Homer in the Odyssey, praise this herb.
Celery-natural treatments
In medicinal purposes from celery leaves are used either raw or chopped roots as a diuretic, to treat gout and especially as an aphrodisiac.
No mass wedding in the Middle Ages that this herb does not serve as an incentive for the wedding night.
Essential oils it contains plant to be used as a nervous system tonic and is very good in combat nervous agitation.
At the same time the plant is appreciated in the treatment of gout and rheumatism.
Root race and boiled with sugar cough syrup is used as a … read more …

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