chicory herb by Constantin Simion

Via Flickr:

The chicory is a perennial plant with thin stems, tender, branched basal rosette of leaves elongated, irregularly notched 0.3-1 m high, with azure-blue flowers.
It utilizes the roots and aerial part of the plant.
The chicory grows in pastures and meadows, roadsides, railways and ditches, crop, cultivated in places in the plains until the mountains.
The aerial part is harvested in the first part of flowering.
The roots must be removed spade.
Chicory-natural treatments
The chicory stimulates the liver and bile elimination and fluidifica that it is a bitter tonic, laxative easy (especially root), purifies the blood, promotes liver function and soothes thirst glicogenetica characteristic of diabetes.
Chicory therapy is recommended in case of biliary dyskinesia, in colicistopatii, anorexia, constipation (caused by liver disease), furunculosis, acne, diabetes … read more …


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