sage herb by Constantin Simion

Via Flickr:

Growth:sage is cultivated in south east Europe with high demands against heat, prefers clay soils, permeable, slightly alkaline.
Body plant used: leaves and flowers.
Harvest time: early flowering leaves collected for the May and June.
Sage-Natural treatments
Internal use: for internal use sage is used to treat vascular disorders, flatulence (abdominal bloating), dysmenorrhea (irregular periods), asthma, biliary dyskinesia, sweating excessive, asthenia nervous overwork intellectual, chronic bronchitis, diabetes, varicose veins, vaginitis atrophic rheumatism.
External use: in external use herb is used to treat gingivitis, dental abscess, oral thrush, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, purulent wounds, ulcers.
Tea drinking more often strengthens the entire body, protects us from seizures and has very favorable effect on paralysis.
Tea is also used in combat night sweats.
Tea has depurative action too abundant remove mucus from the respiratory and stomach, stimulates appetite and combat intestinal upset and diarrhea … read more …

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