couch grass herb by Constantin Simion

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Couch grass herb- AGROPYRON REPENS
Couch grass grows on the outskirts, or in cornfields or barley, on the outskirts of trails and footpaths, near fences, on vacant lots.
It reaches a height of one meter (often 20-140 cm).
Blooms in June-July.
It can gather from March to August.
As a herb, it is very useful root.
Couch grass contains glycosides, protein, ethereal oils and vitamins A and B.
Couch grass-Natural treatments
Couch grass is used mainly as a tea in diseases of the bladder and the kidney.
Treatment with couch grass, has a remarkable property: promotes sweating which made of old to be useful in the treatment of colds and flu states.
As the blood purifier, couch grass is used in the treatment of liver diseases, iron and spleen.
It also has diuretic, which recommend treatment couch grass in dropsy and skin diseases (eczema).
Has a strong diuretic effect,, which recommends for people with gout, rheumatism, hypertension … read more …

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