blackthorn herb by Constantin Simion

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Blackthorn bush, which blooms is among the first after snowmelt.
The plant grows up to three meters high.
Blackthorn is called scientifically Prunus spinosa.
The blooming period is in March-April.
Fruits are spherical, dark blue to black, resembling blueberries.
Blackthorn grows in sunny woods.
Recently observed blackthorn fruit are covered with a layer of wax strongly reflecting ultraviolet rays which makes the birds that receives ultraviolet find these fruits easily between the leaves.
The taste for sour fruit is sour and unpalatable until the first frost falls.
Blackthorn – Natural treatments
The plant is known from ancient times, is used to prepare a mixture of sloes (blackthorn fruit), honey and wine, very useful in the treatment of gout and stomach disorders.
It is said that whoever eats the first three flowers of blackthorn will be featured by fever and gout.
In various diseases using both flowers and fruit of the plant (sloes).
Blackthorn flowers are useful in kidney and bladder diseases, as well as constipation.
All flowers are used as a laxative, diuretic and relieves pain are easy.
The tea is brewed from a heaped teaspoon of flowers, scalded with boiling water 250 ml, allowed to shoot a minute, strain and drink two or three cups a day.
In homeopathy, flowers are used in preparations blackthorn to combat headaches and heart disease … read more …


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