blackberry herb by Constantin Simion

Via Flickr:

This plant, RUBUS FRUCTICOSUS, is known for its fruit flavored sweet black.
The plant grows in the form of bushes leafy green or slightly towards brown.
Rose bushes from 50 to 150 cm above the ground.
Blackberries grow preferentially laying on the ground, crawling.
After blooming in June-July, fruits consist of many black berries are harvested joined occur in August and September.
Blackberries-natural treatments
The leaves are used medicinally and blackberry fruits.
Herbs contain essential oils, tannins substances and vitamins.
Plant fruits are tasty and very indicated for the treatment of anemia states, in laryngitis and pharyngitis.
Blackberry A tea (infusion) which has a strong constipating effects (diarrhea).
The tea used for gargling, combat inflammatory conditions of the oral cavity.
For tea use MUR roots and leaves that are harvested in early spring.
The leaves dry in the shade and stored in cloth bag.
Tea is good to treat kidney disease, promotes diuresis.
Depurator effect (clean blood) cure many skin diseases … read more …

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