cilantro herb by Constantin Simion

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Cilantro is a plant whose home is in Asia.
Science is told CORIANDRUM SATIVUM and popular by region of the country, is called coleandra, anise, sulfur weed, fennel, stinking grass, white pepper or sulfur.
Cilantro contains aromatic volatile oil, which makes this plant to be used in the perfume industry, food industry in the preparation of herbal liqueurs and especially as a condiment and preservative preparations of fish and the meat.
The fruits (seeds) cilantro is used as a stimulant of gastric secretions gastrointestinal stimulant, calming and combat bloating.
The seeds were always used in Iran to eliminate anxiety and insomnia.
Cilantro is a perennial plant, which has a resistant strain, growing flowers as bouquets with white or pink.
When fresh, the plant does not smell very pleasant.
Cilantro blooms from June to August.
From the seeds of the plant are used exclusively.
Cilantro-natural treatments
The plant is used to eliminate intestinal worms, to combat bloating, intestinal colic combat.
Cilantro seed powder:
The powder is prepared from dry seeds ground with a power grinder.
Store in tightly closed jars.
In the treatment of liver cancer is recommended daily administration of four tablespoons of freshly ground Cilantro powder (that day) in long treatments – minimum of 3 months.
The same treatment is recommended in colon cancer …read more …

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