thyme herb by Constantin Simion

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Spreading: The plant is cultivated on barren land, sand, no stagnant water in the plains until the mountains.
Body plant used: aerial parts of the plant.
Harvest time: thyme harvested before flowering in May.
Thyme-natural treatments
Internal use: for internal use thyme is used to treat the following diseases: enterocolitis, helminitiaze, stimulating liver function, whooping cough.
External use: thyme is used in external use to treat the following conditions: wounds, ulcers, stimulating the peripheral circulation.
Tea (infusion) Thyme:
A heaping tablespoon of herbs brewed with a quart of fresh water and let it sit a bit.
For the treatment of chronic bronchitis (whooping cough and productive cough) – as emergency remedy, give a few sips of hot infusion of thyme, which has bronchodilator effects, soothing expectorant and fast.
For a long-term treatment is recommended powder, which is taken three times a day, a teaspoon.
The treatment lasts four weeks.
In addition, the hot baths with infusion of thyme, which have powerful effects strengthening immunity … read more …


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