parsley herb by Constantin Simion

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Besides the use parsley as a vegetable, its remarkable properties make it be used as a medicinal plant.
If the scientific name is PETROSELINUM CRISPUM.
Parsley is said to have the power to strengthen the body’s response to disease and that is sustained.
Parsley contains vitamin C.
After being two years in the ground, root becomes thick and high strain can grow up to 50 centimeters.
Then appear greenish yellow flowers.
Parsley is now rare in the wild and it is best to avoid the gather outside garden, there are possibilities of confusion with plants that have toxic effects.
Parsley contains many active ingredients, essential oils and miristicina.
Parsley-natural treatments
The oil content in leaves sensitizes the kidney and increases the amount of urine, stimulates sweating and reduces fever.
Parsley is recommended in treating all raw nerve diseases.
Eaten raw or made into a tea help in the treatment of renal disease, liver treats rheumatism, gout help cure removes kidney stones and treat eczema.
Since the plant are used fresh leaves and roots and seeds from plants older than two years.
Parsley was still in service in the areas of southeastern Europe.
Interestingly parsley in Germany expanded by 820 year ago Charlemagne’s order.
PETROSELINUM CRISPUM Latin name means rock-celery and it appears in the writings of Pliny and Dioscorides.
In the writings of ancient healing power of parsley stated in heart disease, stomach and kidneys.
The tea from the roots, seeds or dried leaves is recommended in the treatment of menstrual disorders, digestive disorders, in fever, dropsy, diseases of the bladder, kidney stones.
Fresh juice helps in the treatment of birthmarks (skin blemishes), insect bites and freckles … read more…

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