horse chestnut herb by Constantin Simion

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Chestnut is an ornamental tree, tall up to 30 cm.
It has branched root, strong.
Short trunk, globular crown, dense with thick branches.
The bark turns gray early death in tissues that fall into thin blades .
Stalks and buds young lenticels opposite, large, glossy brown, gummy.
The flowers are grouped in large panicles, erect rich.
They symmetrical, yellowish-white, stained red.
The fruits are green capsules, 3-5 cm in diameter large, spiny, open at maturity in March valve, immediately releasing large seeds 1-2, shiny brown with a high hil, yellow.
Parties used:
Hippocastani floral Flores.
Leaves, Folium hippocastani.
Semen hippocastani-seeds.
Bark-Cortex hippocastani.
The flowers are harvested in late April and May, when opened more than half of them.
Break or cut with scissors tree blossoms, then pinch the flowers on stalks.
The leaves are harvested in May and June, without petiole, each folio by breaking or cutting at the union petiole leaf.
The seeds are harvested in September-October, in stages, as the fall.
Bark – start sap spring, when the buds begin to burst, the smooth young branches in the pan forming crown.
It is made by cutting ring to 10-15 cm and a cut in long distance, yielding tubular fragments without quality wood.
Horse Chestnut-Natural treatments
It reduces capillary fragility.
Use complementary treatment: phlebitis, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, prostate hypertrophy, rheumatic pain.
Internal: form of pharmaceutical products, whereas the limit between the therapeutic dose and toxic dose is small.
Prepare tincture and capsule form.
External: 1 teaspoon bark decoction of 200 ml water;
Tincture of bark and fruits 30%.
As compresses, local baths … read more …


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