Angelica Planta Medicinala-Angelica Herb

Angelica Planta Medicinala-Angelica Herb

Angelica Planta Medicinala

Angelica Planta Medicinala
Angelica Planta Medicinala

Angelica este o planta ierboasa inalta, din familia umbeliferelor, care creşte mai mult in regiunile montane, fiind ocrotita de lege. Numele ei se leaga de o sarbatoare religioasa, praznicul Sfantului Arhanghel Mihail, in preajma careia planta infloreste. Planta medicinala creste spontan in etajul montan si subalpin intre 500 si 1500 m altitudine, prin locuri stancoase si umede,in chei,malul paraielor, in turbarii,la margine de padure. Inca din secolul al XlV-lea, angelica era cultivata in manastiri si unele gradini taranesti si era considerata ca fiind o planta medicinala ce poate combate ciuma. Datorita proprietatilor sale, angelica este astazi cunoscuta ca fiind foarte eficienta in tratarea a peste 80 de afectiuni. In tratamente naturiste este folosita intreaga planta. Angelica se poate recolta primavara din martie si pana in iunie inclusiv, sau la sfarsitul verii inceputul toamnei-de la sfarsitul lunii august si pana in septembrie inclusiv. Planta medicinala trebuie uscata imediat dupa recoltare si se utilizeaza numai timp de un an.

Angelica-Planta Medicinala

Angelica este eficienta in starile depresive, de astenie, isterie, dificultati de concentrare, intarziere de dezvoltare mentala la copii, bulimie, colita, gastrita, indigestie, ulcer gastro-duodenal, epidemii, rahitism, tulburari hormonale la femei, cancer, boli infectioase grave ( TBC, hepatita virala, scleroza, ciroza). Pentru aceste afectiuni se e recomanda o cura de minim o luna, cu macerat la rece de angelica. Angelica detoxifica organismul de surplusul de: tutun, alcool, intoxicatie cu plumb, carne sau peste. Pentru intarzierea procesului de imbatranire, specialistii recomanda uleiul eteric din seminte de angelica, in doze moderate de cate 3 picaturi pe zi. …citeste mai departe… ANGELICA PLANTA MEDICINALA

Angelica Herb

Angelica Herb
Angelica Herb

Angelica is a high grassy plant, from the family of umbelifere, which grows more in mountain regions, being protected by law. Her name is linked to a religious holiday, the feast of St. Archangel Michael, around which the plant blooms. The herb spontaneously grows on the mountain and sub-alpine floor between 500 and 1500 m above sea level, through rocky and wet places, in the quays, river banks, in swamps, at the edge of the forest. Since the 14th century, the angelica was cultivated in monasteries and some peasant gardens and was considered to be a herb that can fight plague. Due to its properties, angelica is today known to be very effective in treating over 80 affections. In natural treatments the entire herb is used. Angelica can be harvested in the spring of March and until June inclusive, or at the end of summer early autumn – from the end of August to September inclusive. The herb should be dried immediately after harvesting and only used for one year.

Angelica-Natural Treatments

Angelica is effective in depressive states, asthenia, hysteria, difficulty concentrating, mental development delays in children, bulimia, colitis, gastritis, indigestion, gastro-duodenal ulcer, epidemics, rickets, hormonal disorders in women, cancer, serious infectious diseases (TB, viral hepatitis, sclerosis, cirrhosis). For these ailments, a cure of at least one month is recommended, with an angelic cold soaked. Angelica detoxifies the body from the surplus of: tobacco, alcohol, lead poisoning, meat or fish. To delay the aging process, specialists recommend the etheric oil of angelica seeds at moderate doses of 3 drops a day. …read more… Angelica Herb


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