bilberry herb

bilberry herb
bilberry herb

bilberry herb

Bilberry herb- Vaccinium myrtillus L

Bilberry is found in mountain forests rarity, clearings of forests, juniper and juniper scrub, montane and subalpine meadows, the entire Carpathian mountain range, especially on shady slopes and wet.

Body plant used:

The leaves and fruit blueberries.

Harvest time:

Blueberry leaves can be harvested from May to September inclusive, and fruits mature from July to September.

Bilberry herb- Vaccinium myrtillus L
Bilberry herb- Vaccinium myrtillus L

Naturist treatments with Bilberry.

Internal use:

In internal use blueberries is used to treat the following conditions:

Diarrhea, enteritis, diabetes, uremia, urinary infections, kidney calculus, gout, rheumatism, Enterobiasis, eczema, hemorrhoids, colitis fermentation, putrefaction colitis, acuity, presbitie.

External use:

In external use herb is used to treat pharyngitis, stomatitis and thrush.

How to use Bilberry.

Infusion of Bilberry:

Place 2 teaspoons of herb in 500 ml boiling water.

Allow 15 minutes to fire.

Drink warm in three innings in one day.

Decoction of Bilberry:

Place 1 teaspoon dried cranberry leaves 500 ml cold water, boil it for 20 minutes covered, drink warm during the day.

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