Boz Planta Medicinala

boz planta medicinala-danewort herb

Boz Planta Medicinala
Boz Planta Medicinala

Boz Planta Medicinala.

Bozul,se intanleste frecvent la campie si deal, mai rar la munte,pe locurile unde se depoziteaza gunoaiele gunoaiele de la stane,marginile drumurilor,pe langa garduri,locuri necultivate.
Organul vegetal folosit: se foloseste planta intreaga.
Perioada de recoltare: rizomul si radacina in lunile septembrie octombrie,fructele din august si pana in septembrie inclusiv.
Boz – Tratamente Naturiste
Uz intern : in uz ,intern bozul ,este folosita pentru tratarea afectiunilor renale,racelilor,ascite si constipatiei.
Uz extern:in uz extern, planta medicinala este folosita pentru tratarea durerilor de masele,febrei,periartritei scapulo-humerala,racelilor,reumatismului.
Mod de folosire
Tratament naturiste  pentru constipatie:Radacina de boz(mai ales macerata in tuica): se iau 1-2 linguri de plamadeala, de doua-trei ori pe zi,pe stomacul gol.
De regula, un  tratament naturist,dureaza doua saptamani, apoi se face o pauza de o saptamana, dupa care se poate relua.
Tratament naturist pentru obezitate,ingrasare sau apetit alimentar necontrolat:…citeste mai departe…

Danewort Herb
Danewort Herb

Danewort Herb.

Spreading: the Danewort is frequently found in the plain and hill less often in the mountains, where the rubbish is stored, the edges of the roads, besides the fences, uncultivated places.
Body plant used: whole plant is used.
Harvest time: the rhizome and root for September October fruits from August to September inclusive.
Danewort – Natural Treatments
In internal  use, the danewort herb is used for weight loss treatments, treating kidney, bladder, ascites, and constipation.
In external use, the herb is used to treat toothache, fever, scapular-humeral periarthritis, colds and rheumatism.
Root dough for curing slimming and for purging. Natural treatment for constipation: Root danewort (especially macerated in brandy): take 1-2 tablespoons of dough, two to three times daily on an empty stomach.
Usually a natural treatment for two weeks, then take a break for a week, then resume them.
Natural treatment for obesity, weight gain or uncontrolled appetite: it’s a diuretic and a relaxing laxative-purgative that produces a rapid weight loss. The pretty unpleasant smell greatly inhibits appetite. Take a spoonful of dough from the Danewort root in the cough, a few minutes before eating.… read more …